About Drift Away Acres

Drift Away Acres is a small family run horse farm located in Northern Ontario. We offer a selection of personalized engraved equine and pet products. Our products are individually engraved with a drag engraver, meaning the letters are etched into the product and will be there long after the color has worn away. Most of our products are also hand cut and drilled right in our office.

At Drift Away Acres, we understand the desire to have custom items for our beloved four legged friends. We also understand how expensive that can be. For that reason, our items are all competitively priced with no extra costs like price per letter. In fact, our dog tags continue to be often half the price of leading retailer's products. Even shipping is only $4 on most orders and free on orders more than $100.

Drift Away Acres started as a dream back in 2014 when the owner, Jo-Anne, was attending Guelph for Equine Business Management. She required a fictional business to base her projects around. At that time, she also began selling engraved dog tags through a local store. In 2020, dreams became reality as Jo-Anne was able to get her farm off the ground. At the same time, she began producing equine products and added an online platform for her items. 

Drift Away Acres Pet Products was officially launched in full in 2021, and we are excited to dedicate ourselves to providing affordable quality equine and pet products Canada-wide.